Inverness Tree Services

Tree Surgeon Inverness - disposal, surveying, chipping and firewood.

Covering Dingwall, Tain, Nairn, Elgin, Aberdeen & The Highlands.

Contact: Iain Ogilvy * 07778 555310 *

Chipping & Firewood

Chippers / Shredders and Debris Removal

All brushwood can be chipped on site using chippers of various sizes. Many clients are happy to use wood-chips as a mulch or a base for ‘green’ pathways in their gardens. Where removal is required, we chip directly into fully de-mountable skips and deliver to other households / businesses. All green waste can be re-cycled in this way.

Green-mech Safe Track 19-28ST tracked self propelled chipper (Can chip debris Max diameter 19cm x 28cm) The Safe track can extend tracks, so is possible to work on very steep ground.

Heizo Hack chippers (HM 6/300 Tracked self propelled and a trailer drawn version) both 300mm capacity. Can be used with grapple feed. Ideal for production of chips for fuel, or fast disposal of awkward waste.

view photos of the chippers in action

Split logs in drying frame
Split logs in drying frame

Firewood for sale

Timber can be removed from site or processed, blocked in sections ready for householder to process further if required, or split ready for immediate transfer to the log-shed and some drying time.

Firewood - hard and softwood, split, blocks or in lengths. Please contact us with your firewood requirements.

Various skip sizes available from 8cu meters to 30cu meters, hardwood or softwood.

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Woodchips for mulch or fuel

Fresh woodchips - in this state, they can be used for paths, play areas or heating fuel.

view photos of firewood and woodchips